Our experts at Hubblefly Technologies will assist you in setting up the regulatory framework for your commercial drone operation. We can assist you in your requirements related to getting an Equipment Type Approval (ETA) if you are a manufacturer, obtaining a Unique Identification Number (UIN) for your drone, filing for an Unmanned Aerial Operating Permit, documentation support for your RPAS application and any other bespoke requirements.

Some of our key services include:



An Operations Manual is the foundation of starting a successful commercial drone operation and establishes how you intend to plan, operate and review your operations. It’s a complex, comprehensive document and is the central hub around your missions, so it’s important to get it right.


If you are already using drones, we can review your existing document to ensure it is appropriate for your operation and more importantly, help you put systems in place to validate it. If you’re new to drone operations, we will provide guidance to successfully create your manual in compliance with the DGCA CAR 1.0 guidelines listed by DGCA for the operations of Remotely Piloted Aerial System (RPAS).



As a first-time drone user or an organization looking to build a fleet of drones, it is mandatory that all RPAS except nano be registered and issued with Unique Identification Number (UIN), Unmanned Aircraft Operator Permit (UAOP). We will assist you with the relevant documentation, security clearance and prior permissions needed to file and obtain the UIN and UAOP.


We will ensure your UAV meets minimum mandatory equipment specifications such has GPS, Return-To-Home, Anti-collision lights, ID-Plate, flight data logging capability and NPNT compliant and file for any exemptions in special cases.


Our experts will help you address the minimum standards and training requirements of remote pilots of small above categories of RPAS as well as assist you in UAV flight support-activities such as filing of flight plan and obtaining Air Defense Clearance (ADC)/ Flight Information Centre (FIC), and obtaining NPNT clearance from the Digital Sky Platform.



Regardless of the size of your operation, companies can experience operational drift. The easiest way to realign this is to work with existing pilots to assess their workflow and procedures. As part of our safety audit, we provide expert advice on:


Accident & investigation policy
Operator training program
Logs & records
Qualification requirements


This will enable us to identify high risk areas quickly and objectively audit the entire operation against the RPAS safe operations’ guidelines listed by the DGCA. We will provide recommendations to improve safety and systems to proactively identify issues.