Power lines transmit and distribute electricity at very high voltages, making the maintenance of power lines a risky proposition. While use of line inspectors can pose major safety hazards, use of helicopters can be much more expensive and intrusive.

Our UAVs offer a safer and cheaper alternative to the traditional methods. Our drones can:

Inspect power lines and power pylons for bird’s nests, lightning strikes, rust/corrosion and damaged bolts.
Account the magnetic interference of powerlines affecting the drone compass and fly really close to power lines to gather data that will help optimize the maintenance plan.
Produce high resolution, real-time footage and thermal images for the operator to see exactly what is going on.


Wind turbines are vast in size and typically located in remote areas. Hydraulic cranes, rope descent, cherry pickers are all traditional methods to carry out safety inspections on wind turbines. These methods pose their unique risks and challenges. Our drone inspection service provides a safe and efficient solution to these issues as they do not require the use of heavy equipment or inspectors to climb the turbine.

We offer specialized inspection solution for visual inspection of on/ off-shore wind turbines such as:

Digital Camera Inspection: A digital camera inspection gives the operator a real-time feed of visual failures and damages to the tower, nacelle, rotor blades and bolt jointings.
Infrared Thermographic Inspection: Thermographic inspection is a non-contact and non-destructive inspection method examines a large area of the blade for structural defects, erosion or corrosion. With infra-red thermography, the drone monitors variations in surface temperature of rotor blades etc.
 On-site rotor blade Inspection: Our expert pilots fly the drone for full inspection or specific areas of the rotor blade and make on-site evaluations of the state of the wind turbine.


The solar energy sector is seeing wide-scale adoption of drones at every stage of solar operation: from design to construction to maintenance monitoring.

Our solar-based UAV solution offers:

Survey & Mapping: Our drone mapping services allow operators to gather real-time, accurate topographical data in a time-efficient, cost-effective manner, enabling seamless construction of solar farms.
Design & Installation Support: When designing the layout for a utility-scale solar farm, we can help your engineers drone data with thousands of solar fam layouts and compare energy production estimates for each, reducing the design cycle significantly.
Solar Panel Maintenance & Inspection: Our thermographic camera equipped UAVs can identify panels that are malfunctioning, cracked or dirty by monitoring large areas in real-time.

Our drone-powered solutions provide instant heat maps that help workers identify problem areas in a minute, eliminate hours of inspection workflow and ensure solar panels run at peak efficiency, yielding a better bottom line for your business. As sites become more distributed, increasingly remote, and reach a bigger scale, the cost-saving effect of drones will only be amplified.