Our expert Hubblefly Technologies team brings a wealth of experience across commercial, safety, legal and technical aspects of the UAV eco-system. Hubblefly Technologies team of aviation pioneers are experienced in both manned and unmanned aviation, and will help you identify, design and implement bespoke drone-based solutions.

From knowing which drone and what equipment is needed, to establishing safety management systems, to developing long-term drone strategies, we have helped our clients build drone competence development programs.

As part of our safe, secure, compliant, and cost-effective UAV strategy for your organization, we offer the following consultancy services:



By working closely with you to understand your specific need, our team will engage in an initial scoping exercise to validate any assumptions about the commercial viability of the unmanned technology before committing to further investments.

After the initial audit and understanding of your high-level strategy, our team of experts will build a long-term vision and a proposed roadmap for your business case along with its safe integration with the UAV eco-system.



For businesses foraying into the drone industry, or players going beyond a single unit purchase of a UAV, it is essential to future-proof your spending.

A fleet of drones poses several challenges with respect to management of spares, software versions, support equipment and supplier capabilities. Many of the buyers for larger complex platforms have no experience in this area and don’t even know the right questions to ask. Our experience will help guide you through understanding your requirements and validating the suppliers claims. It will help your business save on significant ramp up costs while mitigating any unknown investment risks. Upon understanding of your near to long-term objectives, we will offer you the most optimum UAV identification solution including platform, sensors, camera and communication equipment recommendations.




We have built a team of experts that understand not only the technology, but also its application within specific industries and the different challenges each operating environment presents.We will analyze and evaluate any advantages and disadvantages of alternate equipment or technology for your bespoke needs.

Our technical team will then be able to design and build special purpose drones to suit your specific requirements. Through our experience across a range of applications, we can suggest creative ways to make the most of your drone purchase.




If your business is in the operational phase, we can ensure that your project has a stringent management plan that adheres to industry requirements, creating a safe framework for your operational needs.

Our team of experts are well-versed with the DGCA regulatory guidelines, and can thus help you develop customized workflows, procedures, risk assessments and checklists to manage safe drone operations from preflight planning and checklists through to drone maintenance.




Considering that the UAV industry is still in its early years, availability of skilled manpower, especially trained drone pilots will be an on-going challenge for a few years to come. Many organizations are currently only considering issues related to operating a single drone/pilot, even though its is obvious that the requirement is bound to amplify.

With the help of our training academy, we can offer you the option of either project-based or permanent UAV pilots and technical manpower to fulfill your operational needs. Moreover, with our experience of working across many organizations including emergency services and commercial sector, we can help you create processes and systems for multi-team operations in a distributed environment.

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