Oil & gas facilities require frequent inspection and maintenance to ensure a safe and smooth operation. Until now, methods of surveying, detecting and locating leaks in the oil and gas fields have been inefficient, unsafe and costly to conduct. Workers have risked their lives to climb high-risk stacks involving shutting down of operations, significantly impacting the bottom line.

Hubblefly Technologies solutions provide high-quality aerial data for all inspection and maintenance requirements in a safer, more efficient manner, without causing operational downtime. Some key aspects where we can help your mining business are listed below:

Infrastructure Inspection:

Flare Stack Inspection: obtaining detailed visuals of flare stack that require prompt responsiveness without human intervention or operational shutdown.
Oil & Gas pipeline inspections: Immediate aerial information of undetected leaks and spills on thousands of miles of O&G pipelines.
Offshore Oil & Gas platforms: Our drones help send real-time HD video and still imagery to the operator on the rig while flying within meters of offshore platform.
Tailings Pond Inspection: Gathering information in dangerous environments such as tailing ponds can be made safer even in extreme weather conditions.
Oil Spill & Damage Detection: With the help of advanced sensors inbuilt within our drones, we can measure and quantify the oil spills and assess the rate at which the oil is spreading.
Gas Emission Monitoring: Our drones equipped with highly sensitive optical sensors can help monitor gas emissions over critical sites and large inaccessible areas.

Survey & Mapping:

We can perform safe 3D mapping of drill sites, gas pipelines, landfills and other municipal operations.

Security and Emergency Response:

Situational awareness beyond the rig
Intrusion alerts and Encroachment Detection
Safety procedures & Evacuation Monitoring

We offer a cost-effective, end-to-end solution that provides mining operators with quality data, while avoiding hazardous risks and operational down time.