Construction & Real Estate Industry has been an industry leader when it comes to adoption of drone technology with a CAGR of 239% YOY. From aerial photography to 3D modelling, drones can transform almost every step of the construction workflow. Their use not only saves money and resources, but also enables teams to access granular data for streamlined communication and decision-making.

Hubblefly Technologies provides diverse and relevant solution across different life cycles of construction:

Pre – Construction:

Design and Planning Assistance: Using aerial surveys and mapping that generate high-quality and  accurate orthophotos, digital elevation drawings and perimeter mapping.

Volumetric Estimations:

Our UAVs are very useful in capturing data and achieving accuracy in volumetric calculation of stockpiles at construction sites. Such estimations have significant cost-related implications for supply of construction materials.

Marketing & Promotional assistance:

Aerial shots of the site prior to development, along with scale models and 3D renderings of the finished product helps potential clients visualize the transformation of a barren land.


Monitoring multiple job-sites:

Monitoring of the progress and quality of work against a project design and schedule, and reporting deviations from the actual design to avoid cost or time overruns is easier with our drones.


Detection and barring of intruders or trespassers, security breaches can be controlled using live surveillance of the site. You can also monitor the performance of your workers and check if they are “working hard” or “hardly working.”

3-D Modelling:

Drone-generated 3-D models and images can be superimposed on utility maps to reveal alignment-related flaws or redesign conflicting situations with minimal alteration of design and cost.

Asset Management:

Drones in conjunction with new technologies such as optical barcodes and radio frequency tags (RFID), makes the inventory management process more efficient, safe and reliable.



Our drones can help regularly inspect and gather data from inaccessible and difficult-to-reach areas such as roofs, building enclosures, busy highways on and under bridges. This data will help the operators draw out a more accurate maintenance inspection plan.

Disaster Recovery:

Our UAVs can provide great assistance in disaster-hit sites by accessing unsafe and unstable environments, and capturing real-time feed and images for damage correction.

Detection of defects:

Drones are capable of detecting defects quickly and accurately. Data captured can be used to create a progress report and process images to achieve enhanced accuracy.