Agricultural Farmers can use drones paired with a Multi-spectral sensor and the right Agronomist to capture accurate data for the health of their plantations, water distribution and pesticide schedules needed into today’s precision farming.

We offer several drone-powered precision agriculture solutions such as:

  Soil and field analysis: 

We provide precise 3-D maps for early soil analysis, which can be useful in planning seed planting patterns. After planting, our drone-driven soil analysis provides data for irrigation and nitrogen-level management.

  Crop monitoring: 

Vast fields and low efficiency in crop monitoring together create farming’s largest obstacle. With the help of our drone cinematography services, you can create time-series animations to show the precise development of a crop and reveal production inefficiencies, enabling better crop management.


Our advanced UAV systems equipped with hyperspectral, multispectral, or thermal sensors (with the ability to switch payloads) can identify which parts of a field are dry or need improvements and calculate the vegetation index.

  Health assessment: 

We help in assessing crop health and spot bacterial or fungal infections with the help of multispectral images captured by our drone. Farmers can subsequently devise remedy plans and monitor its outcome with frequent UAV flights.


Livestock Farmers can use drones to obtain an aerial overview of the area in which they keep their livestock. Our thermal imaging and high definition cameras allow farmers to track and monitor their livestock remotely, identifying any issues in real time, thus enabling them to resolve issues quickly and efficiently.

  Livestock Farming facilitated with our advanced UAVs has several benefits including:
 Ability to cover larger areas, allowing for quick and efficient monitoring of livestock
  Providing visual information and GPS tracking to assist farmers in livestock inspection.
  Low noise footprint of our drones does not scare the animals
  Helps reduce stock control costs and saves time
  UAVs can gather and proves data, identifying patterns and trends among livestock

Auditing livestock can be made easier using data tags and fluorescent spray paint which can be traced by the drones.