Skystar Electric Vtol Fixed Wing Uav is a professional and high-performing VTOL UAV offering outstanding efficiency and elegance. The system has been designed to flexibly, quickly and safely integrate different sensors in order to meet the needs of a variety of fields of application. The high quality standards combined with the extremely simple operating concept and high aerodynamic quality makes the system unique in its comparative class.


It can autonomously and safely take off and land vertically with highly sensitive sensors on a minimum area. With no need for any take-off or landing runways, a pure VTOL aircraft, it is able to vertically ascend to an altitude, where it transitions into forward wing-bound flight for the duration of the mission. Its aerodynamic design as fixed wing aircraft enables a very efficient operation.


With low operating costs, non-expensive launch & recovery hardware, there is need for less staffing. Our Electric Vtol Fixed Wing Uav is “value for the money” and competitively priced in its league of UAV’s.



  • Vertical Take-Off and Landing from any terrain for operations from remote areas
  • Full autonomous mission capability with easy to use rugged ground control
  • Operational ceiling of 3000 m AMSL
  • Advanced composite construction airframe
  • Interchangeable payload options for application specific missions
  • Encrypted telemetry and digital video link for long range communication
  • Back packed for easy portability


Payload Options:


  • Micro Dual Sensor, Day HD Digital Zoom, Night Thermal, nx360 rotation
  • Mini Dual Sensor, Day HD 10x Optical Zoom, Night Thermal, nx360 rotation
  • Advanced Day HD 30x Optical Zoom or swappable Night Thermal, nx360 rotation
  • Sony Alpha A6000/ Sony A7ri/ Other cinematography payloads
  • Variants of Thermal Camera

Operating Parameters

Maximum Endurance 60-65 Mins
Maximum Operating Range 2+ km
Altitude Ceiling (AMSL) 4000 m
Operational Limit (AGL) 122 m
Operational Range Limit 2.5 Km
Cruise Velocity 16 – 25 m/s
Maximum Operating Temperature 50°
Minimum Operating Temperature -10°
Humidity 95 RH

Fail Safe And Safety

Battery Yes 30% Warning, 20% Landing, Remotely Adjustable
Communication Yes Loss Warning, Auto Re-establishment, RH on sustained loss
Remote Control Yes Position Hold on loss
Geofence Yes Enabled RH on breach


  • Territory Survey
  • Forest Management & Research
  • Geological Survey
  • Defense & Police Services
  • 3D terrain models & DEMs
  • Urban Planning
  • Architecture & Archaeology
  • Aerial Terrain Mapping
  • Disaster Site Monitoring
  • Topography


8.5 KG
60-65 min
2.5 m
5+ KM

Hubblefly Staredge drone kit contains the following contents:

  • Battery
  • Ground Radio
  • RC Transmitter
  • GCS Software License
  • Quad Copter with integrated avionics with NPNT capability